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Norwich Canoe Club Facebook Page      
This is a closed group but if you request to join if we recognise you as a paid up member (or parent of one) we will add you.

British Canoeing Sprint Racing Committee 
British Canoeing Sprint Racing Committee Facebook Page
This is great for finding out about Nottingham Sprint regattas etc.

Racing Canoe Clubs
This is a general canoe club group and where people often post items for sale.

Marathon Racing Calendar

British Canoeing

Kirton Kayaks

Ultimate Kayaks (Nelo boats)


Whitlingham Boathouses
Whitlingham Boathouses Foundation (Registered Charity 1133063) has been established to develop and maintain a community rowing and canoeing facility in Whitlingham Country Park for the benefit of Norfolk and Norwich.

The Founding Members (Norwich Rowing Club, Norwich Canoe Club, University of East Anglia Boat Club, Norwich School Boat Club and Norwich High School Rowing Club) joined forces in 2009 under the banner of the “As One… Campaign” to raise funds to develop a new community boathouse expanding the existing facilities adjacent to the River Yare.

We have now completed the building, providing a fully useable and accessible ground floor equipped with boat racking, plus a new quay heading. The first floor area, including toilets, changing rooms and shower facilities; kitchen; educational/meeting area; and a first aid/office is now open to members and visitors