The Coaching Team


We are extremely fortunate to have an large  team of coaches led by our coaching trio. Please talk to them if you have any questions although avoid the beginning of sessions when we are keen to get everyone on the water on time.

Senor Coaching Team
Dyson Pendle
Tim Scott
Ian Hayward

Head Coach
Dyson Pendle – Level 3 Placid Water

Level 3 Coaches
Tim Scott – UKCC Level 3 Racing Coach,British Canoeing Club Based Sprint Coach, schools coach
Ian Hayward – Level 3 WW and Canoe – schools coach

UKCC Level 2 Coaches
Phil Terry (canoe and kayak )- schools coach
Jan Alexander (kayak)- Sprint Rep
Cheryl Jenkins (canoe and kayak)
Daniel Balls (Kayak) – Schools Coach
Jennifer Moore (Canoe and Kayak)

Level 2 Coaches under the old system
Andrew Ross – 10am session leader with Tim Scott
Julie Hicks – Leader of the Long Distance Racing group
Ali Pendle
Robert Kilbourn
Clive Kilbourn
Kerry Duff – chairperson
Fiona Grady- Welfare officer
Martin Matthews – Paddle-ability Co-ordinator
David Duff – Clubmark application

UKCC Level 1
Matthew Lodge – UKCC Level 2 trainee and Schools Coach
Michael Walsh – Welfare officer, Schools Coach
Dean Terry – Schools Coach
Tim Brook – Schools Coach
Gavin Rix
Daniel Hunt – Summer Courses Schools Coach
Gary Smith – UKCC Level 2 trainee , Sprint Rep
Albert Hicks – UKCC Level 2 trainee
Tony Brown – co-ordinator of all introductory courses
Harriet Hicks UKCC Level 2 trainee
Stacey Terry – marathon rep
John Frankland – Health and Safety, Boat racking
David Sparks
Olivia Rowe
Harry Shearer
Oliver Rix
Matthew Hayward
Kieran Hayward
Lucy Lee-Smith