Adult Only Paddle Sessions

Norwich Canoe Club Activities specifically for adults

Adults Paddle-Skills sessions are designed to improve the technical kayaking skills of adult club members. They happen on Sunday mornings and sometimes on other days. The focus is on developing technical skills. Each session has a pre-stated purpose, for example, recent sessions have focussed on: rescues, portages, paddling crew boats, stroke set up, “the lock” and race starts. Led by Jan Alexander.

Senior Long-distance racing group, led by Julie Hicks, have a series of events and training sessions targeted at those adults who would like to take part in some of the longer distance races. For most people, though not everyone this may be more practical in a K2. Many people find that it is the core which is the first thing to fail on a long paddle. Therefore, it is worth considering participating in the Friday evenings core stability classes at Wensum Sport Centre which compliment this training well and help prevent injury.

Adult Improvers sessions run by Tim Scott at 8.30 on a Wednesday morning for an hour for those adults who are free during the day and would like to improve their technique or would just like to paddle a little bit more. All welcome.

Stretch and Balance sessions run on Mondays are not exclusively for adults, but aimed at mature paddlers. A very relaxed hour of gentle mobilizing moves, stretches and balance exercises, including some yoga positions and other things tailored for kayakers. Come along (regularly or on a random day off) in comfortable clothing with a foam block or towel to put under your head when working on mats, and relax! Setup by Jan Alexander