Paddling Outside Club Sessions

Paddling Outside of Club Sessions – some things to remember

At Norwich Canoe Club we want people to be able paddle as often as they wish. However we do have to make certain this happens in a safe and controlled manner and that it follows the club operating procedure.

1) Juniors are not permitted to paddle without an adult coach or an experienced adult club paddler present at any time. If you are not certain who falls into these categories contact Dyson or Tim.

2) Adults should always go out in groups of three or more, particularly in the winter.

3) Anyone paddling from Norwich Canoe Club should follow club operating procedure and write their names on the blackboard as well as where they are going and the time they left – please wipe them off on your return. Ensure the club is secure when you leave and take a key with you when you paddle.

4) Even if you are in Division 6 or above the club recommends you wear a buoyancy aid in the winter outside of club sessions. Many winter races stipulate you have to wear one anyway so its useful practice.

5) If you paddle after dark – ensure you have lights.

6) Consider that you take spare clothing / mobile phone / food.

Finally please contact Dyson or Tim before your session to ensure they are happy with your arrangements.