The membership renewal letter is available  here 2018 NCC Renewal letter

Membership fees  2018

Senior >18 membership                  £225 a year or £18.75 a month by standing order.
Under 18 membership                    £192 a year or £16 a month by standing order.
Over 18 in full time education      £192 a year or £16 a month by standing order.
Family membership                         £588 a year or £49 a month by standing order.
Social membership                          £45 a year or £3.75 a month by standing order.

Fees including all coaching and use of club boats, buoyancy aids etc.
It also includes boat racking of one K1 and one K2.

Bursaries are available and the details can be downloaded here.bursary2018pdf

Family membership
This is a maximum of 2 carers and 1 or more children living in the same household.
The children can be up to 18 years or in their last year of school.

Fees are set at the January of each year and are not generally recalculated if there is a change of circumstances. It can be paid either as a one off bank transfer or as a standing order of 12 equal monthly payments.If the standing order is not set up until Feb or March then you need to do ten monthly payments. If the standing order is not set up in March then the full annual payment will be due unless you have already agreed an arrangement with the treasurer.

Boat racking comes with membership. All racks will be labelled with members names and on 1st March 2016 any members who have not paid will have their boat racking reallocated. If they subsequently pay up they will have already lost their usual space.

There is no guaranteed second K1 racking any more. If you feel, for your training needs you need a second rack you need to write to Dyson or Tim by the end of January explaining why you need it and a charge of £50 is payable by the end of February if your request is granted. If this is not paid no extra K1 boat racking will be considered for 2017. New second boats must have racking agreed before they are delivered to the club. Please note you can’t allocate your second boat to another member to avoid second boat charges (even if that person is another member of your family) .

If you have any questions please email our membership secretary at membership@norwichcanoeclub.co.uk